Wednesday, April 27, 2011

a beautiful wednesday

wednesday the 27th was the first nice day i remember having this spring. as river and i were walking to work we weren't shivering so we took that opportunity to open the office and then go for a walk delivering notices. as i was holding river's hand she so sweetly looked up and said, "i love holding your hand". it totally melted my heart!

we also walked over by the gym and saw two geese above us. one of them pooped right as we walked up and it missed river's head by mere inches. gross!

that afternoon the girls went to carol's and enjoyed more time outside. we love carol and her grandson chase! he lives with carol.
river, chase and puppy dog charlie.

carol gave flower some roller skates and was teaching her how to skate.

river loves to ride down the ramp!
they've been so wonderful to us. and carol told me that she's not sure she and chase would have made it through some things lately without the girls there. chase's mom ended up in a mental facility and chase's sister moved to oregon with her dad as a result. carol has always played a huge role in her two grandkid's lives because her daughter has struggled mentally and with various addictions. she has finally chosen to get help and turned the kids over to people who can raise them better. it's been the best thing for both kids but it's been incredibly hard on carol, chase and tatum(the granddaughter). carol started watching the girls right before all this happened so carol said the girls are definitely a bright spot in their lives right now. i'm so glad it's such a good situation for both sides.

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