Friday, April 8, 2011

bowling and wok inn noodle

on the 8th we went bowling with sandee and the kids. we had purchased some tickets on a really good deal but when we arrived we discovered they couldn't be used at that time because it was cosmic bowling. the kids had never done cosmic bowling so we decided to stay anyway! they turn off the regular lights, turn on the strobe lights and black light and blare the music! it was great. the kids had one lane and the adults had another.
river and kas

sandee and kas

me and kg have personalized balls.
river was so cute! she'd walk up there on her own and throw that ball and strut her stuff.
i laughed every time!
river and spencer
kas, river and flower

flower would throw the ball and then run as fast as she could! i laughed every time at that too!

see that score bored?
i totally spanked everyone! {taking a bow} thank you. thank you very much.
definitely one of my better games!
flower beat the kids! that's my girl!
we were hungry after all that bowling and decided to try out a restaurant we had never been to before, at the recommendation of jean. it's a total whole in the wall so i've always driven right by but i'm so glad we finally ate there! it's now a favorite!
it is now one of our favorites and gives me the same feeling that oriental express does, like we've just eaten with family. chan owns it and does all the cooking himself. he's a cute little old man with very few teeth. :) there's one waiter and he's so personable. we've been back several times now. he makes all his noodles each day and they are delicious! he also makes the most amazing fried rice i've ever had! be prepared to sit back and relax because it's definitely not a place to go if you're in a hurry. but the wait is totally worth it!

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