Saturday, April 2, 2011

girl's room redecorated.

back in january we made our first visit to kohl's. i had a gift card that my parents gave me for my birthday in august. we stumbled upon some cute vinyl wall stickers and that made me want to redo the decor in the girls room. they sat on a shelf until april 2nd. i got home from work at 5:00, got in bed and didn't have any desire to move. the girls were going crazy once kg left for work and, fearing one of us wouldn't make it out alive, i finally got a wild hair up my bahookie and got up at 10:00 pm and decided it was time to redecorate! the girls handed me stickers and played on the floor beneath me. i think we finally got done around midnight. i loved how it turned out.
i had these two canvases just waiting to hang. they fit perfectly over the window.
in the one on the left flower is 4, river is 6 months(mother's day 2009). in the one on the right, flower is 5 and river is 2(valentine's day 2011)
i had to arrange the owls, birds, branches and leaves myself, one at a time, while standing on a toy chest and it wasn't easy. :) but i love it.
i put the letter stickers up in alphabetical order. love all the colors.

with the left over letters, flower chose some words for her bed.
i also finally hung these 'i am a child of god' mirrors that kg's parents gave the girls for christmas. they hang over each of their pillows. i love them. you can kind of see them both in the above photo and a close up below.
the girls are so thrilled with it and it got me out of my funk for the night. yay!
and finally we all slept in my bed peacefully. :)

nighty night.

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