Wednesday, April 20, 2011

bed time soundtrack

on the 20th, after a long, emotional day, i lay with the girls in bed listening to music. i hit shuffle on my phone and it took them 30 songs to fall asleep. turns out i needed that quiet time listening to music. the very first song that popped up was very telling and started the tears flowing. i had regretfully succeeded in pushing someone away that i need very much. my heart ached. so i cried quietly while i listened to music, several songs which caught me off guard and i needed to hear. i love music.
1-coldplay-viva la vida
2-nick drake-free ride
3-they might be giants-i palindrome i
4-meryl streep-the winner takes it all
5-diddy,dirty money & skylar grey-coming home
6-the lower lights-brightly beams our father's mercy
7-the doors-love street
9-cold play-fix you
10-the lower lights-swing low, sweet chariot
11-u2-pride(in the name of love)
12-fleetwood mac-second hand news
13-fleetwood mac-gold dust woman
14-maroon 5-stutter
16-mindy gledhill-california
17-u2-staring at the sun
19-coldplay-speek of sound
20-fleetwood mac-rhiannon
21-the doors-tell all the people
22-jordin sparks-battlefield
23-lupe fiasco-the show goes on
24-lady gaga-bad romance
25-the pierces-secret
26-amanda seyfried-i have a dream
27-pink-please don't leave me
28-mamma mia cast-voulez-vous
29-oppenheimer-when i close my eyes i fall in love
30-coldplay-death and all his friends

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