Saturday, April 16, 2011

flower's 6th birthday::wok inn noodle

on the 16th, the girls and i met kris and jer at wok in noodle. that's where flower chose to go and we wanted to let k&j in on this great find! it was a good night.
the girls clung to k as usual
k has such a beautiful smile!
this cute family were the only other people in the restaurant. that little baby was so sweet. we all took turns holding her. she had precious little lips and her mamma was beautiful! they were so sweet and we enjoyed conversation with them. they come all the way from nampa to suport chan and the restaurant.
in talking to our new friends i completely forgot the reason we were there, which was for flower's birthday. i had called ahead and the waiter said they would do something special for flower but i forgot to bring it up when we got there! oh well, she still had fun and after an off day for me, it was a nice evening.

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