Wednesday, April 13, 2011

flower's 6th birthday::tucano's

on the 13th kg, john and topher took flower on a date to toucano's. if you haven't signed up for their birthday program you really should. you get a free meal with the purchase of another meal which is a $20 value. on top of that, kids under 6 eat free. so with flower's free birthday certificate, kg bought one meal for him and got john's meal free and the two kids were free! awesome!!! they had lots of fun and flower loved being surrounded by her boys. :)

we love our birthday weeks and free meals! ;)

while they are at dinner river and i drove to kris' house. i realized it had been months since i'd been there. it's always so warm and inviting and river makes herself right at home. i admired the egg i'm getting from matt. i'm so excited and can't wait to write a separate blog about it and show it off. he is so talented! i also had some things to give kris and needed to borrow some other things. we traded some goods, had a nice visit and laughed at river's goofiness before calling it a night.

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