Sunday, April 24, 2011

easter sunday

easter was perfect. the girls woke up and searched high and low for their baskets. they finally found them in the bathroom sinks. that's what happens when the bunny forgets to visit the night before and therefore has to find a spot to hide them without being seen while the girls are looking for their baskets in their bedroom and living room! it worked and they thought it was cool.
flower's basket
river's basket
flower got a dove chocolate bunny, a swim suit, rummikub electronic game, junie b. jones books on cd, a jump rope and 5 eggs with candy.

river got a reese's chocolate bunny, a swim suit, a stuffed bunny, a card game, a jump rope and 5 eggs with candy.
they immediately had to try on their swim suits.

both of their suits are so cute!
how do you like river's rod stewart hair? :)
funny girl
mmm, chocolate bunnies!

the girls were begging to drop off a gift to a special someone but i couldn't. i wanted to go enjoy the weather and take them to a park i'd never been to so i could take photos. i thought of one by that house so we compromised and visited when i knew the person wasn't home so the girls could at least drop off their gift, except the person left church early and got home while we were there and it was awkward. oh well. mission accomplished.
the park was so fun! i love taking photos of my girls! no better way to enjoy easter than being outside and taking in the beauty.

i loved their smiles!
she is getting really good on the monkey bars!

i had so much fun playing with my camera and the depth of field.

we then went home to wake a sleeping kg and get ready for roger's house. the girls put on their dresses and off we went.
first we enjoyed a yummy dinner, then i made the kids gather for a photo. sandee also wanted one with her kids.
what a cute bunch of cousins!

finally it was time for the big easter egg hunt!
on your marks, get set, go!

everybody scored!

we then went back inside and celebrated the birthday's of roger and royal.

river was loving uncle roger that day!

after some birthday cake we left to go visit kg's family at grandma and grandpa hunter's.
cute cousins

we enjoyed ourselves although i wish we'd had more time. but we wanted to go to the temple with the goodsell's for an outdoor easter devotional. it was really beautiful and i'm so glad we went. it capped off the day nicely.
easter could not have been more perfect. we saw all of our favorite people and shared so much love!

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