Friday, April 22, 2011

flower's 6th birthday::the finale :)+roger's birthday.

friday the 22nd was the only day the girls were with carol that week. flower wanted to have a little party with carol and chase as well as the neighbors so we got doughnuts again! she invited lisa, emily and kj and their kids, noah, brooklyn and tristan. then they all went to the school and played. flower loved it. we sure love carol!

i'd say flower had a pretty dang good birthday week or month! she is so loved.

that night we went to a surprise 40th birthday party for my brother roger. it's crazy to think about him being in his 40's! it was fun and he was genuinely surprised! we didn't stay long because mom was getting overwhelmed with the noise.
since we were all hungry we went to ihop with my parents, sandee and the kids. kids eat free! yay. it was super loud in the area they sat us and it was hard on mom so they were kind enough to move us into the party room where we were alone and it was quiet! it was actually quite nice.
i love having breakfast at night and it was delicious!

i love my family.

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