Tuesday, April 26, 2011

kindergarten at the zoo!

on april 26th we went to the zoo with flower's kindergarten class. the fact that kg could be there is one of the many reasons i love him working at night. if he worked during the day, he'd have to take time off work to come to all of these things. we have so much fun volunteering together!
this was our cute little group for the day
pay reh, makolata, flower, heather and river

i love this tortoise
we definitely have the cutest bunch of kids!

river let the goat bite her finger but i just missed it on camera....
so we talked flower into doing it! :) i'm so mean but it was funny.

mommy goose protecting her sweet new baby.

love the lions

the kids got popsicles before getting back on the bus.

flower thought riding on the bus was the coolest thing ever!
we had such a fun day.

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