Monday, April 25, 2011

a nice day off

i really enjoyed my day off on the 25th. that morning, after dropping flower off at school, river and i roamed around target because i had a gift card to spend. we bought the family some new flip flops. i love that i have matching flip flops with my girls!
i think they are so cute!
river has learned how to blow up balloons and does it endlessly now!

we all took flower to karate as a family so we could test drive the suburban that they are selling. we loved it but obviously have no money for it now and decided it best not to have our tax money spent before it's even in our hands. it was a fun thought though!
after karate we went to texas road house for an early dinner. evidently monday's are kids night. they have a magician that comes to your table and does some magic tricks and then ties the kids a neat balloon. river chose a turtle and flower chose a hat.

they also got free sundaes!

when we got home we played with mr. squirrel who had no problem coming right inside and eating the crumbs off the floor. who needs a vacuum when you've got squirrels!

it was a very enjoyeable, layed back day.

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