Saturday, April 30, 2011

april wrap-up

4.2-not the best way to start out the day. this is what happens when you open the fridge, a tomato makes a break for it and escapes the fridge and then a cantaloupe promptly chases it, landing right on top of the tomato. oh and it looks like a strawberry escaped as well. darn produce.
"whahappened?" says river.
"sad amato" she says. :)
flower also lost her second tooth!

and finally, we got these beautiful organic heirloom tomatoes and they became lunch, snack and dinner for several days.
the girls loved just sprinkling some salt and pepper on them and eating them up!

4.5-playing on skateboards at the school with carol4.6-
the squirrels like to come in and play
4.7-i have joined the ranks of my white trash tenants. as i was hanging up the girls clothes i found this lovely mural on their wall. they did this and then slid the other hanging clothes in front of it to hide their work. sneaky buggers.flower claimed it was river. um, last time i checked, river can't write or spell flower's name correctly. nice try sister.

4.12-river wanted a bun in her hair and then asked me to take a photo.she has such an amazing neck!

flower then followed suit and wanted a bun and a photo. :)

kg and river went to jamba juice for me, only to discover it was no longer there. i am so sad! they walked around the complex waiting for the creperie to open and brought us some yummy crepes for lunch.
that night we went to wok inn noodle for dinner. yum!
4.15-every friday i pick up flower from school and then we go to the post office. we usually stop for a treat and today was aspen leaf.
she always gets chocolate with mini chocolate chipsi love mango with raspberries.
4.16-laura watched the girls while i worked and had them spend the night the day before. thanks laura! saturday we went to the mullin's endowment session. my anxiety got the best of me because i was very nervous about not having someone i knew sitting next to me. i came back for the sealing since i could sit with kg. it was beautiful and their little baby is a doll. i'm so happy for this cute family!
4.17-happy birthday royal! we watched tangled and fell asleep.4.19-this was a changing day for me. after a rough day the day before, i woke up feeling changed and things have been on the up and up ever since! yay!
4.20-this was a tough day that instilled that i can't truly trust anyone. but i'm not letting it get me down!
4.21-happy 40th birthday roger!
the squirrel trying to get in

talking to kg on the phone while she brushes her teeth. :)

4.22-i missed a tattoo appointment i had waited 8 months for. i'm so sad.
river was making herself at home at the office with the pretzels and lynnette's glasses. :)

4.29-we played sp-uno for the first time in a long while!
john and i got into two good fights for the spoon and they both left me quite bruised. :)

4.30-whenever kg gives me my b-12 shot river insists on holding my hand. she's such a sweetheart!
flower wrote this story in school after drawing the picture above it. kg and i had a good laugh!
"after listening to this story. I think that frog and toad did not lick ghosts." we laughed so hard that she put lick instead of like. it provides a much better visual! :) i love that she's reading and writing.
and i bid fairwell to april! and i'm so excited for may!

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