Saturday, April 23, 2011

easter egg hunt and some freedom

the saturday before easter the kids spent the day with sandee while i worked. they also spent the night there on friday which allowed kg and i to hang out with the goodsell's till late playing games! thanks sandee!
the girls had so much fun. first sandee took them to an easter egg hunt put on by her employer. knowing how much i love photos she took a lot!

when they got home from that, sandee let them dye eater eggs! she is such a fun aunt and they love her!

she brought the girls home at 5 and we all went for a walk, the girls on their bikes. it was such a beautiful day!
river was a little rock star going down this hill. it was pretty funny. we had to surround her to make sure she didn't go into the street.
we then played at the park and just really enjoyed being outside.
then sandee and spencer went to a movie and kas hung with us. flower always likes to play dress up but there isn't anything kassidee's size. i finally remembered a black dress from halloween hanging in my closet. she put it on and i tackled it with a box of safety pins so it wasn't to long and tada! she was able to dress up with the girls!
i love how adoringly river is looking up at flower. she loves her big sister!

i decided to let the girls have some freedom and go outside without me. i peeked over the balcony a few times to make sure they were ok. they played in the empty fountain, on the side walks, in the bushes and stairwells. it was fun to hear and see their imaginations at work!

they played out there for 2 hours straight by themselves! river came up and hung with me for a couple of 20 minute spurts but she was loving that she could come and go as she pleased. i loved that kas was there and i could trust them to play outside! when it started getting dark they came up and played out on the balcony another 20 minutes until the food i had ordered from romio's was delivered at 9. sandee showed up while we were eating and they left shortly after.
finally the girls took a bath to warm up because it really wasn't that warm out! flower exclaimed, "you're so cool mom for letting us play by ourselves!" ah, love that!

it felt good to let them have some freedom and know they will be ok. i remember when i was little we were always outside, coming in for dinner and then going right back outside until dark, never an adult in sight. those are some of my best memories!

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