Tuesday, April 19, 2011

flower's 6th birthday::school treats. fudruckers. hot tub.

this girl still eats at least one banana almost everyday. that's a lot of bananas over the last 18 months since she started requesting them constantly! cute girl with a mouth full of banana.
and a little left on her lip.
flower requested chocolate doughnuts for her class treats. kg had to go to 4 different places to find enough and even got her a special sprinkled one. what a patient dad.
river loved being in flower's class room!
look at flower's excitement when the class started singing happy birthday!
before we could have her treats, the 3rd graders came in to read to them for 10 minutes. they come in once a week. we were excited to see that josh is in that class! he read to river.

i was lucky enough to have this cute boy read to me.
and now it's doughnut time!

flower's favorite friends that day were heather and alice and that's who she wanted to sit by.

.;then the kids played until school was over.
that night we went fuddruckers for her free meal.

river kept sitting like this all night.
so flower had to copy. usually it's river copying flower's every move!
yummy drink!
i loved this shot of the jones sodas as i was headed out the door. the light was bouncing off all the different colored sodas so beautifully!
finally we ended the night with a dip in the hot tub. the girls can hardly wait for the pool to open! for now the ducks are enjoying it!

flower loves her new swim suit from ryan, amanda and lorelai!

what a great day!

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