Saturday, April 9, 2011

flower's 6th birthday::sleeping beauty ballet!

i have been looking forward to this day for months! kristen and i bought the tickets for the sleeping beauty ballet in december when we went to the nut cracker. we were so excited to take flower out and treat her like a princess! the night was so much fun.
first kristen came over and did flower's make-up!
i then curled her hair.
flower has wanted a 'white wedding dress' ever since she grew out of the one she wore in jenna's wedding when she was 3 1/2. so for her birthday we surprised her with a new white fluffy dress, a pink sweater and turquoise shoes(all of which will double as her easter attire). she was so excited! here she is, all ready for her night out on the town.

i am so in love with this photo! i've already ordered it on a large canvas.
her smile is natural and she is just beautiful!
for dinner we took her to the melting pot. she loves fondue.

this girl has the most beautiful hair of anyone i know. it's so black and shiny. it looks good curled or straight or in a pony tail or down. lucky, lucky girl!
melting pot is under new ownership and let me tell you, i am totally impressed! as soon as we arrived there was a birthday card for flower signed by all the employees. then they brought out a crown, necklace, ring and ribbon that said happy birthday. plus during dessert they brought out a plate that they decorated saying happy birthday with a flower drawn on instead of her name. as if that wasn't enough, it seemed everyone there knew her name and would say hi or happy birthday! she was loving it and i was very impressed.

first the three of us shared a delicious salad.
then we ordered our cheese. unfortunately, we were not thrilled with it. actually flower said right out loud that it was disgusting! eeek. but have no fear. they happily made us a different kind and we devoured that one. so yummy.

and finally, we had the yin and yang chocolate. mmmm, my favorite. so good!

she thought she could fit a whole huge marshmallow in her mouth. not so much. ha ha.
with the three of us sharing all three things it was the perfect amount of food and fairly inexpensive. i will definfitely be back for other occassions.
finally we went to the ballet! so many people told flower how beautiful she looked and she ate it up!
she danced in the isle during the intermission.

it was so good. flower got a little bored after awhile but it's to be expected of a 6 year old. she loved the dancers and the dresses and was in awe of the whole experience. i'm so glad kristen did this with me! it was so fun and i think something flower will remember.

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Lizzie and I agree ... that is one BEAUTIFUL picture you ordered on canvas!

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