Thursday, March 26, 2009

Always something to laugh at with this job

It has been very slow the last few days. Not that I mind. But I definitely appreciated the little ditty I'm about to share with you. It made me laugh. Move along if you don't like potty humor.

A guy I've never seen before came running up to the clubhouse and fumbled with the door, seemingly unable to get it opened fast enough. Looking very stressed he shouted, "BATHROOM?", before even making it into the office. Seeing his urgency I quickly said, "straight on back" as I pointed. He whipped around and went running without making any attempt to hide the fact that he was basically plugging his butt hole with one hand. I refrained from bursting out with laughter until I knew he was safely out of ear shot. He has now been in there for over a half hour. I'm guessing he has some cleaning up to do and I won't be going in there after he leaves to make sure it was done. I just threw up in my mouth a little. At least I had some afternoon entertainment and laughter!

**edited to add that he actually just came out and even came to the office to thank me for the use of our bathroom. Seriously?! Dude, if that was me I totally would have ducked out the back door without ever being seen again. At least he was polite. Hopefully that means he did a good clean up job. I hope underwear isn't found in the garbage! :)


sara :) said...

Hopefully he didn't leave tracks in the toilet bowl.

ang :o) said...

I'm just hoping he made it to the toilet!

Callie said...

That's hilarious thanks for the laugh! I hate to laugh one of these days it will be me you just wait and see. ;)

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