Friday, March 27, 2009

I received good news and a gift and more good news!

I got some good news today, I don't have Celiac Disease, but somehow it just leads to more frustration because now we are back to the drawing board on why my body won't absorb some vitamins. Oh well. Life goes on.

On an even more positive note, I received a surprise gift in the mail from a friend. She lives in Hawaii now. We haven't seen each other nor spoken since high school. We have reconnected on facebook, exchanging comments here and there over the last couple of weeks. So imagine my surprise to find a pretty necklace in the mail! It's a blown glass piece of which she made and turned it into a necklace. Yes, my friends, my love can be bought. I love gifts. Thanks Emi!!!
And even more good news!!! Marco and Steph are having a baby girl. I am elated. I was hoping they would have a girl. Now River and their babe will be only nine months apart. His heart is about to become mush which he so needs!

All these things brighten my week. It hasn't been a bad week by any means but I am just frustrated with my ability to stick to a few of my goals. All in all though I'm doing great! Happy Friday to you and wishing you a lovely weekend.

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Camille said...

Yay for Emi! Isn't she a sweety. I got a necklace too, and I'm surprised how different they look. My camera batteries are dead, but I'll post pics of mine soon.

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