Friday, March 20, 2009

River is 4 months old.

Here's a few things that have happened in the last month.
*She has developed a liking for the binky, especially when she is tired.
*She no long likes to be swaddled.
*She must have a blanket on her when she is ready to go to sleep. She has developed a routine that she plays with the blanket with her hands and gathers it by her mouth and cheeks. By the time she falls asleep it is usually over her mouth. If you move it she wakes up and starts all over until it's over her mouth and cheeks again. It's very cute to watch. Once she's asleep her hands go up above her head.
*She sucks/chews on the first finger, the one on her left hand the most, putting it in her mouth like a hook. I love it.
*She sucks her tongue quite often and ends up sucking her bottom lip in and makes all kinds of noises with it.
*When we are feeding her she likes to scratch our shirt, pretty much right on the boob area. She's discovering different textures and does it over and over until her bottle is gone.
*She also scratches her bumbo, boppy, and bed as she discovers textures.
*She now swats at her toys and loves her play gym. She is slowly getting interested in holding toys. She still prefers to hold her own hands or manipulate blankets. She also can pull the toys hard enough to make them vibrate or make the music play.
*She gets excited when she hears us shaking her bottle. Even when she can't see us, she knows the sound. She stops crying as soon as she sees it. Her lips pucker up too. If you put it near/in her hands, she will bring it towards her mouth.
*She stares at Flower, following her intently around the room with her eyes.
*She constantly rubs her tongue against her gums or smacks or gums together.
*She seems to be a momma's girl at this point which fills my heart with joy. She gets very excited when she hears my voice or sees me walk into the room. Although when dad gets home in the morning, if she's already awake, she looks for him until he comes and makes eye contact and says hello.
*She 'sings' along to the radio or with me when I sing hymns. It is super cute. She'll 'sing' for the whole song of 'I'm a Child of God'
*If one of us is talking to the other on the phone, we will put the phone to her ear and talk to her. She lights up and just listens to our voice. Yesterday she was crying and just really fussy. I got KG on the phone and every time she heard his voice she stopped crying and got the biggest smile on her face. It's very sweet.
*We took her on her first walk in the stroller yesterday and she LOVES being outside. I've taken her in the carrier but she really liked the stroller. I knew she was hungry but she was content, that is until we got upstairs and inside and then she let it wail.
*She took her first ride in the Crush the Bus today. The girls and I took Crush on the first spin of the season and it felt like home. Flower was so excited! River was in the back and just gazed out the windows.
*And today she rolled over for the first time! She rolled from her stomach to her back both to the right side and the left side, several times.

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Lynnette said...

What great milestones! I am so glad you are getting to experience all of them!

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