Saturday, March 14, 2009

Toucanos...twice in one week.

On Wednesday we went with Heather and Jake who were in town from Pocatello. Flower was having a blast with Jake. Kids are just so drawn to him and he is fun! I had a great time catching up with Heather. They came over to our place for a bit as well. Jake read to her and played Memory. She loved every minute of the attention. Heather continued to try and get her baby fix. They have wanted a baby for so long, about 6 years, and will be fantastic parents. They have just started the infertility treatment route but are also gathering info on adoption. It's a hard road!

On Friday we went with Jer, Kris, Brenda and Drew. We were surprised that it was actually quieter on a Friday night then it was on Wednesday. It's just a loud restaurant and therefore a great place for the kids to tag along because they won't be noticed. I was very impressed with Flower and am thankful that she is typically very easy to take to restaurants. We enjoyed ourselves.
It was a nice Friday the 13 and it was a really, really great week for me!
That night I did my bulletin. KG helped me create the funniest bulletin I've ever done, inspiration courtesy of Kris. Unfortunately it won't ever be used! ;) But dang it was worth the laughs.

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email me a copy, I could use a laugh.

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