Friday, March 13, 2009

Fire station and Adrienne

On Thursday Flower had a field trip to the fire station. It's right next door so they were able to walk. For various reasons I wasn't able to make it there when I wanted and resigned myself to the fact that I missed it. Therefore I didn't take my camera. I was thrilled to find out when I arrived at the end of the day to pick her up that they had gone three times, and three times the firemen were called away. The kids were there for the alarm and got to see the truck drive away with sirens blaring. I was delighted to discover that they were going over to give it another try, for the fourth time, right when I arrived. I was there for the whole thing! The crappy part is I only had the camera on my iphone. Oh well, at least it's documented. :)

Because they didn't go till 11:20, preschool went over by about 40 minutes! Normally not a big deal but it made us late to Adrienne's. We went to have lunch and chat about our adoption stories. Since I was late, and she had a hair appointment, we only had an hour to gab. She made a lovely lunch and we talked as fast as we could! :) I really enjoyed myself and Flower was very well behaved. At one point Conner and River were holding hands as they layed next to each other. He's about 6 weeks younger then River. It was very sweet. I can hardly wait to get together again. Thanks for hosting us Adrienne!

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