Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Update: Bullet Style

We haven't been particularly busy over the last week or so , I just haven't blogged and now there's just too much I want to remember so bullet form it is!
...On February 26th I went to lunch with Brenda and Kris. I sure love lunch dates like this! I wasn't feeling the best that day so this really brightened things.

...On February 28th we went to Greg and Bekah Dunkley's party celebrating Bekah's birthday and their 10th anniversary. It was fun and entertaining as always to see Greg and Jeremy Jensen dancing like they did in high school.

...KG and the girls were sick with colds that whole weekend so I worked from home Thursday and Friday so I could take care of them. I love this job simply because that's an option! Because of the sickies, I went to above party by myself.

...We had KG's parents over for dinner that Sunday. It was nice to visit and Flower had a blast playing games with them both.

...The next weekend it was my turn to get the dreaded cold. I didn't work Thursday and Friday. It was really the worst stuffy nose I've ever had. It was weird actually. Both nostrils were so plugged that I could barely swallow. When I did it felt like it was sucking my brain and my ears would pop. Nice. Thankfully it passed through quickly, only lasting three days.

...Because of the above it was a low key weekend.

...I had breakfast with my dad and sister on Friday. The girls got to relish in some time with Kris. Flower talked about it the rest of the day. I don't even compare and she's sure to let me know it! :)

...I re-approached the quilting thing and accomplished a square with little fan fair. That felt good. I think I can do this now. I took Miss River along and she was a dream.

...Flower spent the night at Aunt Sandee's and had a great time. She got to go watch Spencer's football game while I quilted.

...I helped Flower make brownies on Saturday afternoon which she then took to church on Sunday and shared with her class. She was very proud of that.

...Church was neat for me. During Sacrament Meeting Ruth was holding River. She was fast asleep in her arms and Ruth became very emotional at the spirit she was feeling that was radiating from River. There was a strong connection happening between the two of them that was very special.

...I continued to feel that spirit from River and wanted to revel in it. I went into the Mother's lounge for the remainder of church. I took my shoes off, kicked back in a reclining chair, sat cross-legged and just held her, in the dark, while she slept. I just stared at her beautiful face and enjoyed the peaceful feeling that was filling my heart.

...Sunday night Sara invited us over for a Thanksgiving feast! It was d-lish! It was nice to have a Thanksgiving sort of meal in March because I certainly have a lot to be thankful for, especially as of late, and it was nice to be reminded to be thankful for where I am in life. Sara's parents were there as well and hilarious as usual! I love their dry sense of humor and dirty minds! Makes for a great night.

...As of Monday the 9th I have consistently met the goals I set for myself for three weeks! That feels really good.

...I made a whole gaggle of enchiladas on Monday. I had fun sharing them on Tuesday with a few people that I love.

...KG and the girls came to work with me Tuesday and hung out in the clubhouse! I LOVE this! It's so fun to be working and look through the great big window and be able to see them.

...I've reconnected with two friends from highschool, both Spencer's, through Facebook. It's been really fun to catch up with them.

...My computer cord has had issues since I've had this computer. I'm on my fourth cord. They crack and spark and all kinds of fun things. I also have to hold it just a certain way for it to actually charge the computer. With the current cord it's been this way now for a few months and as of yesterday, the wires were totally visible and not connected. I finally went into the Apple Store. They've never made me pay for a new cord so I thought for sure I'd have to this time which is why it's taken me so long to go in. Nope, they handed me a brand new one! I was there for all of three minutes! They are awesome!!!

...Our friends Jake and Heather are in town for a few days and they made time to go to dinner with us tonight. I'm looking forward to it. I enjoy their company.

...I have now been working at my job for 1 year! My boss so generously gave us a weekend at their Tamarack property to celebrate! We will be taking advantage of that in April and I can hardly wait to enjoy a weekend away with my little family.

...On March 5th it's been two years since Flower was sealed to us. This year is important to me because it means she's now been with us longer then she lived in China. I look forward to being sealed to River.

...KG didn't work last night therefore he went to bed with me and was up early. I woke up and thought he and Flower were in the living room and then I went back to sleep. It turns out they were out shopping for flowers. They returned and woke me up with fresh flowers and breakfast in bed. It was a lovely way to start out my day.
...I colored my hair today. I love it.
...This afternoon Flower and I went on a mommy daughter date. It's been too long and she's been a bit jealous so I took her to see Tales of Despereaux. It was cute.

...I am really looking forward to the rest of the week and my weekend!!!

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