Friday, March 20, 2009

Flower made her first cake.

Last Saturday Flower helped me make a cake. It's her first cake and it's even from scratch. I am loving lemon lately so this is a lemon cake. It was yummy. I have actually never liked lemon cake until last summer when I ate a lemon-lime cake in Twin Falls that Kris made. Thanks for unleashing the monster! That one is still my favorite as well. I made some cupcakes shortly after that I really enjoyed but it's been fun trying different recipes.
Unfortunately I didn't think to take the photo until the next day, half eaten. But she's still proud and that's all that matters. Although from that smile you wouldn't know it. :)

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Heather BT said...

Lemon hmmm, love it, Our wedding cake was Lemon with raspberry between torted layers. Anyway, I just got this recipe in email today and when you wrote about lemon I had to pass this on.

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