Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Projectile vomit anyone?

Poor baby. She's never projectile vomited before. Earlier today I was at Kris' and she spit up but it stayed in her mouth and she choked and gagged on it. After that she seemed pained. When we got home I fed her and put her down for a nap. She was fine for the next three hours. Then we ran an errand before I came into work and while in the car she projectile vomited so far that it landed on the seat that she faces! She was covered. And she gagged. Not so easy to take care of while driving. KG got her out of the car and cleaned things up once we got to the clubhouse and then she did it again. All over his arm as he's trying to clean her up. Then again. And then AGAIN! Four times. I'm not sure how there's even anything left in her stomach. It's been almost four hours since she's eaten! She didn't even cry. She'd vomit and go back to sleep. Wow does she stink. Here's the evidence.

So much for her pretty and classy little outfit. It's covering her clothes from head to toe and all over the car seat.
We've now given her Gripe Water. Hopefully that does the trick.


Amanda said...

Poor thing. Lorelai's done that before. Not fun to clean up.

LAURA said...

Does she have the flu or is her reflux coming back?

5boystokiss said...

So, she really is beautiful! I am leaving some advice for the projectile vomiting thing, take it or leave it. I wasn't able to nurse Seth, and he did this like crazy! Then I learned a couple things. First the hole in the bottle nipple is important. I didn't know that they came in different sizes (give me a brake I was only 18 :) ) ok second- the serving size for the formula is important to follow! ok at this point you might be saying duh! again 0nly 18... 3rd a book called Baby Wise was crucial! 4th we figured after a lot of projectile vomiting that he may be allergic to dairy, so we switched to soy formula only to discover that half of all people allergic to dairy are also allergic to soy. Not sure if this is useless rambling to you, but if you want to discuss it, shoot me an email. and good luck! Its no fun to get pucked on! Did I say already, she is so beautiful. When do you get sealed? Sounds like you got this mommy thing down! I sure enjoy your blog.

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