Friday, March 27, 2009

The look.

I have made a discovery in the past past month or so as I've been around a two of my greatest friends, as well as my entire relationship with KG. I have discovered another way of knowing just how deep and natural a connection is with someone...When the unspoken is sometimes stronger then spoken. All it takes to communicate is 'the look'. It's shared between both and goes both ways. It can be clear across a room but it's understood. The look of comfort in a really nerve wracking situation. The look of pride when they've made it through that nerve wracking situation.(These two were realized in church recently when a friend was given a new calling). The look of pure happiness at their current life situation. The look of total comfort with one another again.(The last two were realized last weekend in particular). The look of an inside joke. The look of needing to escape where I am! The look of love. The look of admiration(being happy for each other at reaching goals set for ourselves). The look of disappointment. The look of encouragement. The look of sympathy. The look of hope. The look of desire. Each look is slightly different but easily translated.

I can say I have experienced each of those things at some point or another with just three people. It always leaves my heart feeling so warm that I don't need to say anything and yet I'm being so understood, or that I'm understanding someone in the same way.

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