Sunday, May 1, 2011

hello may!

may is a magical month for me. i look forward to it all year. i seem happier, maybe due in part to the weather and the promise of it getting sunnier and warmer. it's mother's day and i get to be celebrated for being the mom to two beautiful daughters. it's my anniversary month! it's my best gal's birthday month. it's my cute niece's birthday month. high school seniors are graduating and have a whole new life ahead of them. it's just a month full of promise and happiness. so many great things to look forward to in may. may, i welcome you with a happy heart!
here is flower's calendar.


in the garden
tulips grow
straight and golden
in a row.
each one hold
it's empty cup
drinking rain
and sunshine up.

this is our mantel for the month and will be when there isn't a holiday. i bought this picture for our anniversary. i love it. and i love my family!
KG+A est. 2000 +F+R love the birdies depicting us.
i added all my favorite family themed prints that i had throughout the house.
and this is one of my favorite statues. we got it in haiti, before we had children.

so, so excited for may!

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