Thursday, February 12, 2009

25 Things About Me

Like many of you I got this about a million times on Facebook and finally gave in and decided I'd post it here as well. Enjoy.

1. My favorite colors are orange and turquoise. Not together though.
2. I love to play games. We have at least 60 games in our collection.
3. I am shy.
4. I am terrified of public speaking.
5. I once had a man breaking into my apartment for a couple of months while I was at work and sometimes while I slept. He was wearing and stealing my dresses and shoes. He would watch my TV and use my phone to make 1-900-sexalot calls while masturbating in my clothes. If he didn't steal them he would hang them back up and I would unknowingly wear them. Revolting. I discovered all of this the weekend I was moving out. I couldn't find lots of my clothes and then my brother saw him walking down the street in an outfit he knew was mine. We chased him down, called the police and the rest is history. Funny, funny history. Oh and he was getting in with a key he somehow obtained. Nice.
6. I think pot should be legalized.
7. My dream car is a Volkswagen camper bus. My dream of owning one finally came true in 2007! I'm in love every time I get in!
8. I'm the liberal black sheep of my family. Big shock. It doesn't cause problems though. We respect each other. Or should I say I respect them and know to keep my mouth shut. :) Besides, they're just jealous of my 'one love, peace loving, open mindedness' but are too afraid to break away from 'the mold'.
9. We had the same four names picked out for our kids from the time we were dating. That didn't change until we got the referral for Flower. Those names didn't seem right anymore. The only explanation I have is that we always pictured those 'names' belonging to kids that we 'made' and that had our genes and looked like us. Is that weird? we just pictured different kids with those names. Adoption was a new path, therefore the names deserved to be new as well. I love them and I think they signify more of where we are in life. :)
10. I am very empathetic and therefor feel peoples pain very deeply. I hurt and cry for people and they are probably not even aware of it. :)
11. I have a huge, tender heart. You need me, I'll be there.
12. I'm not easily offended.
13. I always try to take the positive side in a situation that could be misinterpreted.
14. I hate cleaning but I love a clean house. Same with clutter. Hate it but it's everywhere.
15. I love to bake.
16. I like to cook and love to try new recipes but I get pissed if I don't like it because it feels like a waste of time.
17. I've gotten burned in friendships because I give people too many chances and end up getting walked on. Within the past couple of years KG has helped me get rid of the drama and let high maintenance people go. We want peaceful relationships and friends that know we love them no matter how often we call or don't call. People who don't misunderstand us and trust our intentions. Never question my love or loyalty.
18. I'm not sure if I ever got over the sting of my miscarriage(s). I can still remember the look on KG's face when we were told there was no heart beat. I think that's why adoption was a better choice for us. I was too afraid of having another one.
19. I always wonder if I truly am infertile but for me it's easier not to know, that's why we never got checked. I wanted to feel like I was in control of my decisions. I also think I would have felt like less of a woman or inadequate so it was easier just not to go there. I'm so glad we didn't because look at our beauties. I also know through prayer that is the direction we were supposed to go.
20. Both of our adoption stories are pretty amazing. The way we were led to our girls is in no way a series of coincidences. We were very much lead by our Heavenly Father every step of the way. The path to Flower was uncharted territory and impossible circumstances. With River I knew exactly when she was going to join our family and that she was going to be part black and part white, among other things.
21. I have lots of friends but only three people, KG, Kris and Marco, that truly know everything there is to know about me, inside and out. I don't open up very easily. The relationships of those three are 11 years, 9 years and 13 years respectively. I tend to keep my friends once I have them, some relationships go back 27 years. I have made friends through all different phases of my life. My dad once commented that he doesn't know anyone with such a diverse pallet of friendships than I have. I have friends of all ages and backgrounds. The most shocking for him included the rainbow people that I met while working at a rest stop. I still have some trinkets they gave me.
22. I am very independent. I bought my first car(with my own money), had my own apartment, and was paying all my own bills by the time I was 20. I've never gone back. Sometimes I had to work four jobs at a time to make ends meet. (hence the rest stop job. :))
23. I love blogging.
24. I am very protective of my family and friends.
25. I knew I had to marry someone far stronger then me in the gospel to keep me in line. :) The fact that he was in the bishopric when we met was good enough for me. And it's not because I don't believe or anything like that. My reasons for going inactive after high school was the fear of speaking and having callings that I felt inadequate for or that I might have to talk in front of people. It's also laziness. He helps me through that....for the most part.


Cal said...

Thanks for sharing! Lots of things I already knew and many I didn't. I think you're truly one of a kind and to be treasured by all those who you call friends.:)

Tina said...

What an awesome example you are to others! Thanks for sharing some of your most personal stories. Take care and have a great weekend.

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