Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Love Day!

Today was a really wonderful day. We celebrated the love of our family. We had the love of a new little lady in the family to celebrate after all.
I love Valentine's Day. I love all holidays really.
I also wanted to note that we received some Valentine's cards in the mail yesterday from Aunt Amanda, Uncle Ryan and Lorelai too. That was very sweet!
This morning my sister, niece and nephew stopped by with Valentine's cards for the girls. Then they each helped me cut out hearts for the scavenger I was planning. After that they hung the borders of the hearts in Flower's room and the living room.
When they left I packed up the girls and went to set up the scavenger hunt. We got home just in time to wake up daddy for the fun.
KG and Flower were instructed to leave at 2:00 and as they left there was a heart on the door instructing them to grab the camera to document their fun and that they would be going on a scavenger hunt and it started with a movie, Bolt, at 2:20 which they both really liked.
From there they would go in search of other heart clues.

Two of their stops were at grocery stores where they were instructed to buy things for our dinner when they returned.
Upon their return, they came bearing gifts. :)
They brought me some beautiful flowers and a balloon.
Flower brought River a cute little Woodstock.
Flower was proud to show me all the hearts she had collected.
I had a picnic blanket set up so we could watch Madagascar 2 while we enjoyed our meal.
Our first course was cheese fondue with veggies and bread for dipping.

Then we ate marinated pork chops and mashed potatoes which I cooked while they were gone. Then after the movie, and once our food had settled a bit, we enjoyed chocolate fondue with angel food cake, strawberries and bananas to dip.
After the kids went to bed KG and I watched Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist and had a little celebration of our own. ;) We really enjoyed the movie too.
It was all so yummy and the whole day was perfect.
The morning was so peaceful. And then in the after noon I can't even describe how much I enjoyed my time with River while they were gone. She was so happy today and didn't stop smiling at me for several hours. We just smiled at each other for hours and I laughed which would make her smile more. It brought so much joy to my heart.
I love doing things for my family that brings them happiness and shows them how much I love them.
They really are the best you know.

I also wanted to mention that shortly after they returned home we were lucky enough to have a visit from my parents with Valentine's treats for the kids.
Thanks everyone for thinking of them.

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sounds like a fun day full of surprises.will you email me the fondue recipe?

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