Sunday, February 15, 2009

Flower constantly cracks us up.

One night Flower came out of her room and looked angry and started pointing her finger and then putting her hands on her hips said, "I am not a bigamist!" and stomped off. My first thought was who was in her room calling her names because it was so out of the blue! I just cracked up and sent a text to KG right away.

The thing she said a few days later was a little less then stellar. She was at the office with me. I told her she needed to go back into the clubhouse so I could get some work done. She didn't like that and as she was walking out yelled, "you dirty slut!". Yep, you read that right. I about fell off my chair because I never expected those words to come out of her mouth. Inside it was funny but I was just thankful that no one was there because just ten minutes prior that place was full. I would have been mortified. We just don't say things that like to each other! We finally figured out that she got both those words, bigamist and slut, from Mamma Mia. The thing is she hadn't seen it in a couple of weeks before this. That girl's memory blows me away. We will seriously be limiting that show now. It will also be the last time she watches a PG-13 movie for along time. I didn't even realize it was PG-13 when I took her to see it in the theater. It wasn't until my sister gave it to her for Christmas that I looked at the case. Nice.

One Sunday on the way home from church we were asking her what she did in primary and what she learned. I go through this every Tuesday and Thursday on the way home from preschool. She always says nothing. With the memory that girl has it blows me away that she can't seem to recall what she did just a half hour prior. So today KG kept asking her questions. The only thing she could tell us was that her teacher was disappointed in them for being disobedient. Now I'm dieing to know who her teacher was because it cracks me up! So then he started asking her questions about the teacher so we could try and figure out who it was. She was apparently tired of the questions and with a total attitude says, "Any more questions for me dad?!" She was so put out. Little snot. Funny, cute, adorable little snot!

I forgot to mention that on her first day in sharing time, she yells in front of the whole group to a member of the Presidency, "your tummy is huge!" Thank heavens the gal was like 7 months pregnant! The other adults in the room had a good laugh.

I tell her all the time she is hilarious. Only mine is sarcastic after being asked eleventy million times a day if what she is doing is funny. I say in my most monotone voice, "hilarious". Well the other day I did something and asked her if it was funny and in her most high pitched valley girl voice accompanied by eye rolling she said, "you're il-larious!" I think she was mocking me.

Whenever we ask her a question, or anyone else for that matter, she never just simply replies with a yes or no or a nod of the head like most three year olds. It's always, "yes I do", "yes I did", "no thank you", "sure!", "I would like that" She always sounds so grown up.

She is very into telling people that she likes them lately. Or that you're her best friend. She will come up at random times during the day and hug me and say, "I like you mom". It's always 'like'. But then when we were at OE one night Jerry told her he liked her and she said, "well I love you" and gave her winning smile.

Almost every time she gets up from eating she says, "My two foots and my two ankles are wrinkly. It hurts. Why can't I hear the wrinkly?" She sits on her feet at the table so they frequently fall asleep and that's the only way she can think to describe it.

One night several months ago when Flower was saying her prayers she said, "thank you for temples, little baby temples, mommy cute temples!" :) Every time she says something that makes me smile/laugh in a prayer, which is almost every night, KG and I have to hide our faces and try so hard not to lose it! She almost always says thanks for everything we ate that day listing each food. The girl loves food so it's nice to know she's thankful for it too!

More recently she doesn't say, "I'm thankful" in her prayers. Everything is, "that we could have a fun day at preschool." "that we could have a fun day at eating" "that we could have a fun day at watching tv". You get the idea and lots of times it makes no sense. :)

Her and I were trying to come up with something to do one afternoon and out of the blue, with one finger in the air and very excitedly she said, "wait a minute! i have an idea!", but no idea followed.

She loves to talk on the phone. She can talk for a very long time. She probably gets that from me, although there's a select few that I'll talk on the phone for more then a few minutes with.
In these photos she's talking to her Aunt Sandee. She is just like her father in that she can't sit or stand still while on the phone. They wander.

Flower made this in preschool. I just love all the things she brings home.
On Thursday when I arrived for the Valentine's party I was informed that she was one warning away from having to spend the remainder of the day in the principles office. :) Nice. She wouldn't stop hitting Benjamin. It's hilarious listening to her explain why but too hard to explain because the actions she makes with her hands are what makes it funny. I also had a conversation with the Primary President the other night at her baby shower and am so not surprised at what she had to say about Flower. She said she had a very tiny attention span and she imitated Flower brilliantly! Poor girl is just like me in that manner. I fear she is going to know her principles all too well over the years. :) And she may just make a church teacher or two cry over the years. I may or may not have done that. ;)

I love this girl and all her spunk.


Kristen said...

Fun post to read. Flower is so cute and smart. What a fun, but sometimes frustrating age.

Callie said...

She's so dang cute. It makes me sad to think that someday they won't say cute things, they'll just back talk, and mean it!

La belle mère said...

OH this is toooo funny!! The Mamma Mia thing really makes you stop and think, though. When I was with Truxton I watched a lot of shows like Law & Order, NCIS, that kind of thing, and I found myself wondering if I should just put on Baby Einstein! I mean, obviously at his age he doesn't understand what he's hearing, but even the screaming and the tone of voice and such ... they are just such little sponges!

Anyway, thanks for the laugh :-)

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