Monday, February 2, 2009

KG is good medicine

I woke up feeling cruddy today. Could be that I only had 3 hours of sleep and then woke up and then 3 more hours. It could be that I forgot to take my thyroid meds yesterday. It could be lots of stuff but I felt yuck. My ankle has been giving me terrible problems the last 4 days, worse then normal and much more constant. I was tearing up off and on because nothing felt right, as in my sour mood was making it difficult to find the positive in any situation so I felt down. I woke up with two cold soars on my bottom lip. That's attractive. The house is a mess. No energy to take care of the girls, much less be fun for them. Just yuck. I fell asleep on the sofa for an hour while River slept, thereby neglecting Flower. KG got home from karate at about 10 am. I was happy to see him. All of a sudden I felt better. Just having him to talk to got my mind off the negative petty things in my head. Just seeing him made me smile. All of a sudden I had energy and did the dishes and got two loads of laundry done. I felt better. By noon I was over the humdrums. I know if he'd not gone to karate and instead been in bed where he usually is and I didn't see him till after I got off at 6:00, I would have felt yucky, unmotivated and overwhelmed all day. Now it's late afternoon and the positive energy has lasted. He's the best medicine ever. I really kind of like him. :)

Some things do need to change though. My energy and motivation for certain things is just in the toilet. My thyroid contributes but I'm not doing a lot right now on my end to make it any better. I have finally set some things up to help with all of this. I'll let you know what that is if it ends up being helpful and beneficial.

Yesterday KG made an awesome chili. It's his first time making chili and he's now a pro. It's a recipe from Tex and he adapted it to his liking. Seriously so good. I then made a lemon cake I had never made before. It's good but not my favorite. Kind of heavy and a bit dry. Our oven cooks hot and I forgot that. I think perhaps taking it out 5 to 10 minutes sooner might have made the difference. Next time. It's still a yummy combo. A big bowl of tummy warming chili and plate of lemon cake. Mmmm. That's what we're eating tonight too. Can hardly wait. :)

Happy Monday...eventually mine was. :)

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La belle mère said...

Quite a blessing, isn't it? I do miss the single life sometimes, but man, I don't know what I'd do without my hubby. It's so nice to know that you feel the same way about yours. :-)

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