Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I love coming home to a meal on the table.

On Monday evening when I got home from work KG had a nice meal waiting for me. :) It's not the first time but it was notable this day for various reasons. He is such a good guy. I also like the way it makes me feel when I've taken the time to make a meal for my family.

On Monday night I found something I really enjoy...watching the same show as a friend and then texting about it throughout the show. Actually we did that last week and I was excited to do it again this week. :) The little things. :)

Yesterday was a lovely day. Flower had preschool and while she was gone I had Rivs with me at the clubhouse house while I worked out. After school we had lunch with our friend Mandy.
She enjoyed seeing River. I enjoyed seeing her and how she was doing. And Flower was a fun little lunch companion as usual. :)

KG brought the girls to the clubhouse and hung out with me all afternoon. :)

Last night I took River in the bath with me. She was laying on her back on my stomach so her legs were dangling. She has finally discovered the art of splashing by kicking her feet, which in turn created large amounts of water outside of the tub. :) It was so fun for her to realize she was the one causing the splashes and in turn would do it harder. She would get into such a rhythm. It made me laugh.

Today I woke up with a headache so I thoroughly enjoyed a lunch date with Kris and Brenda, away from the house! My sister took the girls. It's Rivers first time with a sitter outside of our house! I called Sandee after my lunch and asked if she could just keep them until I went to work at 3:00 so that I could attempt a nap to get rid of the headache. She agreed. I love sisters. When I got home I was locked out because she had my keys. :) Thankfully KG was sleeping but I felt bad waking him up. Oh well. He fell back to sleep in a snap. It was so nice being in a completely quiet house!

Now we are chillin' together watching Monk whilst I'm searching the Internet for a friends long lost sex slaves, I mean loves, and cracking up! Tee hee. :)

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Callie said...

You're so sweet! I think Jay had a harder time than Nevaeh and I. I will have to give Jay the water drinking tip next time he has to go in.

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