Friday, February 6, 2009

Afternoon with dad.

Thursday morning was busy. We were all out of the house, first dropping Flower off at preschool, but only after trying out a cute heart hair do on her.
Then KG dropped me off at the doctor while he and River went to karate. Then he picked me up, dropped me off at Walmart to get prescriptions and then I dropped him and River off at home so I could go get Flower. Oy. I'm tired just typing it. Then just 15 minutes after I got home I had to go to work, at noon. Yep, that all happened before noon. I worked a long day so that I could have Friday off. Man, those days are so hard on all of us.
KG spent the afternoon with the girls and then slept after I got home. These are some of the photos I found on the camera.
We are loving the Bumbo. River tends to get a little fussy when she can hear us all together and she's not there. A few times we've put this on the table and she calms right down. She loves being up with us at eye level and is happy as can be. We did just that as we were quickly eating lunch before I went to work. Then KG moved her to the floor after I left so he could do a few things and she was out like a light. So cute.


Cal said...

So cute! I can't believe I still haven't met your sweet little River. Nevaeh loved the bumbo chair as well. Althought I didn't think they could fall out of it until I was at Michelle's house and her little Kohen falls out of his all the time just by reaching for something. I always put Navy on the counter while I cooked or cleaned etc. Lesson learned. I love Flower's hair, you have the most creative ideas, where do you get them. Everytime you post one I try it out on Aliya, love new dews.

Andy said...

Oh Angie this cant be put into words!!!

Let's kick it.

can you dig it?

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