Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Friday the 13th!

KG and I love Friday the 13th! So does his dad. Since we've been married it's kind of been a race to see who'll call/text the other first to wish them a good day. Dad beat me to it bright and early this morning. It woke me up but it made me smile. :)

As much as I love Friday the 13th, I'm glad for this day to be over. It was just long. I'm just tired. And I have a raging earache that I think is being caused by a soar in the back of my mouth on my gums so I can't chew on that side and my head hurts on that whole side including my jaw. Good times.

The day started early with a frustrating doc voodoo(acupuncture) appointment. I hate that sometimes I can't seem to voice my concerns or annoyances because I don't want to hurt their feelings but...I AM PAYING THEM so why do I care? It's weird. So it's even more frustrating when I get the balls to voice those difficult things and I feel like I'm not listened too. Ugh. It's just hard to swallow the feeling like I'm throwing away $75! I have to say however that it's been amazing on my ankle. I was in so much pain and that has been a big help. I'm just frustrated in other areas that's all. It just kind of started the day of wrong.

River technically had her first sitter this morning during this appointment. Kris came over to be here when the girls woke up so that KG would be able to sleep. I really appreciated that! I was only gone an hour. River was all smiles and Flower had a great time going through all her Valentine's. Flower asked a little while later why I came home so soon. She wanted more time with Kris.
I got home with enough time for us to get the girls dressed and fed and then I was off to another appointment. I was going in for the results of the Thyroid! I was shocked to find out the levels are stable. Finally. In the past once they actually get them stable it only seems to last about 3 months so fingers crossed!
The bad news...because it seems there always is right? In November when she ran tests I showed no Vitamin D in my system. She put me on 50,ooo units(taken once a month). In January I retested for everything. Still no Vitamin D. She upped it to 100,000 units(50,000 twice a month). I retested last week. Still no Vitamin D. I'm also showing very, very low levels of calcium through all of these tests with no results, but admittedly I forget to take those 50% of the time since they have to be throughout the day. Sooo, this time she upped it to 200,000 units of Vitamin D(50,000 once a week). She is really concerned that I'm not absorbing vitamins and nutrients. So after some other questions from her, that lead to her wondering if I have Celiac Disease. Nice. That will be fun. So the scoop is that I'll do the 50,000 once a week for 6 weeks and be vigilant about the calcium and multivitamin and then go test for vitamin D, calcium and celiac at that time. I'm just giddy. Yes I'm being sarcastic.

The girls and I then ran several errands, some more annoying then others. But the girls we were so good the entire day! :) We were driving down the road around 12:30 and Flower says, "I think we need to stop somewhere for lunch." I just started laughing at the way she said it rather then just saying 'I'm hungry'. So I inform her that's a good idea and she says, "yes it is and my body needs a hamburger with cheese and pickles with olives on the side and a pink drink". Um. Ok. Your wish is granted my dear...all except the olives, Fanci Freez was clean out. :)

We got home and all had an hour of quiet time before I left for work.

When I got home I had just enough time for KG to shave the hairline on my neck, put a gift together and head on over to Kris' house. I then rode with her to Adrienne's baby shower. It was a full dinner and everything was delicious! It was a small crowd which was nice. I really wasn't in the mood to go, just feeling blah all day. But I really wanted to support her and her new baby. They adopted him on January 10! I'm really glad I went if only for the laughs of a few! I think out of nerves or anxiety or something that we both experience, the banter between Kris and I is accelerated and it makes for good times. We laugh at the same things, sometimes with just a nod. Ruth was also a big source of laughs. Fun ladies for sure! I think the highlight, which always seems to include KG, is a story that you probably had to be there for but I want to remember the line so I'm going to write about it. KG had been texting me. Ruth saw me pull out my phone so she was asking me about my iphone. She wanted to know what it was like to text. I pulled it up and Kris tried first, writing a couple of random letters as her thumbnails were getting in the way. Ruth then took it and typed a response to KG since I hadn't gotten a chance yet. She left in Kris' mixed up letters and then there was some mistakes of her own. This is what it said, "f. Zzggo go. Ages take a sjoqeer. That last part is supposed to be Ang says take a shower. :) We get a response back from KG that said, "Are you having a stroke or did you let Kris try to type for you?" I completely busted up! I think it's hilarious that he immediately thought it was her. Ruth about died since she was holding the phone and read the message out loud. I laughed all the way home. And I'm still giggling now. KG enjoys any chance he gets to give Kris a hard time. :)

This isn't long enough yet so I'm going to tell another funny story for the record. :)
As I was leaving work I was talking to Jerry on the phone. We were discussing super important things like a printer and the bulletin. I then said good-bye and he says, "What are you wearing?" Um. What? I was sure that's not what he said. So I said "what?" He repeated just that and then realized how that sounded and then yelled, "that was from Kris!" I responded with a "well...." in a sexy voice and that lasted about 1.5 seconds and I lost it. We were all laughing so hard! And through the laughter I hear him say "I'm in the bishopric, I can't ask that" as he put me on speaker so Kris could ask me herself. The whole thing was based on the fact that Kris wanted to know what I was wearing to the shower. :)

I am beyond grateful for the evening ending in laughter! :)

I am super excited for Valentine's Day! Hope yours is full of love and cheesiness.


sara :) said...

Wow! I hope they can get you leveled out soon! At least for now (knock on wood) the thyroid is at the right level.


Cal said...

Good luck on all the medical yuck, you will have go keep us updated. I love your stories they always make me laugh. I don't know kris but the story of the texting had me laughing as well.

Audie said...

I hope you don't have celiac and that everything turns out fine. I enjoyed your stories. they made me laugh!

Adrienne said...

Thanks for coming even though you felt blah. I appreciated it!!! My mom had 0 Vitamin D as well, we really do need to get together and talk. Seriously.

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