Friday, February 20, 2009

River's 3 month progress report

Three months ago today not-so-little River was born. Today she is still the center piece of our little family. For those of us that see her daily she doesn't appear to have changed much. But according to statistics she is getting bigger. She actually looks like she is thinning out, probably because she is growing so much longer.
When we talk to her she makes a lot more eye contact than before. And she is more generous with her smiles. She now has different smiles for different moods. As Angee has said before, they always start in her eyes.
Oh, by the way, this is KG writing. Angee has decided to be domestic tonight, and since that never EVER happens I thought I would write the blog for her. Anyway, back to River.
She seems to have developed her coordination a bit more and is constantly intertwining her fingers. She is fascinated with her hands and plays with them constantly. Luckily she is still too "thick" to find and reach her toes.
She has also started sucking her tongue recently and with that comes some pretty funny sounds.
I expect any day now to hear her call out orders and demands much like her older sister. River mimics mouth movements when we talk to her and is constantly making new sounds and noises trying to get her voice to come out. It won't be long before I will be hearing "No!" from a third female voice.
Over all she appears to be developing at a normal rate. The reflux appears to have subsided, but may be being replaced with teeth cutting. We are not positive about that yet, but she is just barely starting to show signs of gaining some pearly whites. Ang will keep you posted as I am sure you wait on baited breath for the next blog post.
Have fun,
KG (ang will now add the photos from their little photo shoot)

She has amazing eyebrows. They are so expressive! She can even raise them each separately.

A moment of unhappiness.

The following three photos are what I was explaining in a previous post about the 'acting shy-embarrassed-scrunched up nose-draw hands to face-tuck head and bury face' routine that she does after her biggest smiles. So cute.

Love all the spit bubbles.


Chris, Kristina, Nathan and....Audrey! said...

She is such a cute girl! And such expressions, they make me smile :) Love the bubbles too!!

Emi said...

I am loving the widows peak. She's bald as a cue ball, but there it is!!

Lynnette said...

I was just showing Tex these cute pictures and he said the cutest thing, "she looks like KG", I just thought it was cute!

Callie said...

She's so dang cute, I just want to squeeze those cheeks and nibble on those toes!

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