Thursday, February 26, 2009

Money and an ambush.

Money sucks.
Dang if we just keep getting sucked dry. And it's not just small amounts.
Aside from paying on adoptions which will be the case for a couple of years, we are set in that amount so it's manageable.
Here's what we weren't expecting in the last two weeks:
Another $1600 bill from the adoption agency for stuff I don't totally agree with.
$1000 bill for fixing shitty plumbing issues at our house. ba dum chhh
$800!! for preschool registration. But it's so good for her and her mind needs the extra stimulation.
$600 in dentist bills. More forth coming since I had a filling fall out and now the pain is up the side of my face and around my eye since I didn't take care of it right away. Nice.
I'm sure there's more that I'm blocking out but as we say around's just money. Since there's not much we can do about it anyway.

Two speakers in my car are blown. Tragic! Because of the above, they can't be replaced right now. At least if I'm being responsible. I can't make any promises. Especially since Matt made me completely jealous tonight with the sweet new system he has in his car. When we had my shower a few weeks ago, as soon as I walked in the door Matt told me he had something to show me. I go to his room to see an awesome box sitting on his bed. I thought it was so cute that he wanted me to see it that bad! :) I used to have one in my jeep and then my blue car. I installed them myself. I miss the bass so much! So I've been waiting for him to get it and other speakers installed. He had it done Friday and I was so excited to hear it so I sneaked out of the baby shower for a bit and had a listen. Awesome!

Something a little more positive...I was ambushed tonight by my bishop and his first counselor(Jerry). I was at a baby shower at Kris' house, which we threw for Tamara, therefore Jerry was already there but then the Bish showed up after most people left. It ended up being an amazing experience. Really. We were all kind of speechless. Well I am always speechless in situations like that. I swear I feel like a moron. I get really embarrassed, completely shut down and can't say anything to save my life. But Kris was there to save the day and did my talking for me. Seriously, K, thank you for being there! But I was a bit surprised at the way the bishop looked afterward, like he didn't even expect what happened. It was neat.

And now I feel sick to my stomach and have the chills. Dang these nerves of mine. :)

Today was a really good day.


Callie said...

I sure hope your preschool registration was for a whole years tuition, if not you are WAAAYYYY over paying. There are a lot of Great preschools out there (mine for one) that will teach her just as much and she will get the same fun experiences for much less the cost. :) I agree money sucks! Good luck!

Gorge Us Family said...

We hear you over her. Never ending bills.

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