Friday, February 6, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year 2009

Friday was awesome. I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it.
Let's start at the beginning.
The girls and I were out of the house at 9:00 am on our way to Cafe De Paris. Kris and I decided to take Audie and Amanda to breakfast for their birthdays. I met them all there. It was so nice to talk and be with them. The food was yummy! Perfect way to start out the day. I love both those girls for completely different reasons on top of the fact that they are both amazing mothers and they inspire me. I am grateful for their friendships.
When we were headed to the car we ended up having to run, almost into traffic! I was the next car in line for the parking Nazi to give me a ticket! She had just set the ticket on the car behind me and was rolling up to mine when I unlocked my car. Phew! She gave me a nasty scowl as she passed. We just smiled and waved. It took a lot of effort to make all my fingers stay up with the middle one as I waved. Hello?! Running with an over sized diaper bag, three year old and 2 month old in a car seat! Be nice all ready.

From there I followed Kris to Riverstone school. Barbara Morgan was there to talk about her space shuttle experience. It was pretty cool. She told some pretty interesting and fun things. Flower loved all the kids around her! I'm really glad we went.

We left there at noon, going separate ways. I had an hour to kill so we went to DK donuts to meet my friend Tammy from Parklane. It was a last minute thing and it was perfect. We sat and talked and she met River for the first time while Flower stayed busy eating a donut.

After that we went to my thyroid doctor to have blood drawn. Yippee. It's been six weeks since they sucked my blood last and I could hardly wait to get back in there! Gag. Flower is still fascinated with watching blood going into the tube. It cracks me up. Here's hoping these tests will show the levels we need!

Finally at around 2:00 we made it back to Kris' house. By then we were all tired and ready for naps. I went to our room :) downstairs. I love laying in bed with the girls and then watching them sleep. Sweet, sweet moments. Especially when they keep wiggling and rolling to the point they are almost on top of each other and therefore unknowingly cuddling. :)
Soon enough we were all awake again and just chatted the day away. Did I mention that the reason for this entire day originated around the need/want to strip Kris' wallpaper? Didn't happen. :-D But what a lovely day we had. And it was beautiful outside. I typically don't get out of the house until I go to work in the afternoon. I just don't like the cold. So having this entire out was good for all of us!

At 6:00 we left for Oriental Express. Kris road with me and met Jerry there, while my sister picked up KG and he met us there. :) Monday, January 26th was the start of Chinese New Year. We celebrated tonight with lots of friends and family at Oriental Express. Where else would we celebrate?! :) Among the crowd was my parents, my sister and family, KG's grandma, dad and uncle, the Pye's, The Sturgill's, four missionaries, and Kathy.

We had such an incredible day and night and are grateful to everyone who came to celebrate with us! Jimmy and Chow were gracious as always.
The missionaries were a last minute thing. We got a message at Kris' house that they were coming to town for a zone conference and needed a place to stay. I hooked them up with an executive suite at our apartment complex for the night. It's a three bedroom and basically set up like a hotel room. The one of the left is Elder Chicken that was in our area for 7 months before he was transferred to another area. He's the one that was spoiled with OE several times so he was thrilled to eat there again. We were all excited to see him again.

When the night came to an end and we were pulling into the complex I got a call from Lynnette. She told me the funniest story that made me wet my pants I was laughing so hard. She had gotten a call from a tenant. This tenant, D, is the nicest person and very interesting to talk to. She has a big heart. The other side of that is she is very liberal and covered head to toe in tattoos. She tells Lynnette, "You're never going to believe what just happened to me. I walked into the my apartment to find two Mormon missionaries kicking back on my sofa!" Oh crap. The missionaries went into the wrong apartment. I immediately went to the right apartment to see if they'd found it. They were there and we had a good laugh! They thought it strange that I would hook them up with a place with various soda cans and beers can laying about. Tattoo magazines adorning the side table. Toys strewn on the floor, because they have to young boys, and closets and kitchen fully stocked. Thank heavens there was no porn in sight! But they were grateful for the place to stay and weren't going to question. They both dropped their backpacks in the bedroom and one had gotten into his pajamas while the other was still in his suite with his missionary tag. They kicked their feet up on the coffee table to relax for the night. When she walked it she was slightly shocked to see someone sitting on her sofa, let alone Mormon missionaries and dropped what she was holding and said, "Oh Shit!" Both parties were startled and neither knew what to do. I'm not really sure how they figured the whole mess out but it ended well and we could not stop laughing. I then went to D's apartment to make sure she was ok and explain everything. We laughed some more. She said she thought for sure she was being struck down and being sent a serious message since she new her doors were locked. She was dumbfounded to see them sitting there. (The fact that their key opened her apartment is not good and not typical! That will be remedied.) She said it ended well and they had a nice talk and she asked if she could get them anything before she sent them on their way.
I'm still laughing. Can you imagine walking in to your house to see to men kicking back on the sofa?! And then for her having them be Mormon missionaries was over the top. She said this is now going to be a favorite story to tell. :)
Perfect way to end the evening.


Megan Davenport Cannon said...

Wow that is too too funny!

Audie said...

Haha...that missionary story is awesome. I just got done telling it to Jared. Too funny!!! Thanks for breakfast!!! I had such a good time!!

Cal said...

That's hilarious! Jay and I had a good laugh!

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