Thursday, February 19, 2009

Flower shared her Valentine's

The day after Valentine's I was doing the dishes. There is a whole cut out in the wall so I can see into the living room. I look up and Flower is shoving her scavenger hunt hearts and Valentine's in River's face, which was kind of knocking her head back. River was only getting mildly annoyed so instead of stopping her I grabbed the camera. :) When Flower saw me and thought she might get in trouble she said, "River told me she wanted to see my Valentine's. I was trying to share. I think she likes them."

"Mom, now she told me she wants a heart hat."
I have a feeling Flower is going to be doing a lot of the talking for River in the future and probably talking her into things she shouldn't do. Poor girl. Between Flower and I she'll never get a word in. :)

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