Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Flower's first day of karate!

Flower started karate today. She's been in gymnastics for about 18 months. She has showed interest in karate but she needed to be 4 which she'll be this month. We decided to pull her out of gymnastics and put her in karate. After six months we'll ask her which one she likes and let her decide. I have a feeling she's going to be more of a natural in karate than gymnastics. She is more cautious and so she struggled a bit in gymnastic with certain things and just being afraid. She won't have that problem in karate and I am shocked at how easy the stances and moves come to her. She definitely learned a lot in gymnastics and I'm really happy we had her in it. She needed it socially and physically and it built her confidence!
I'm excited for this next phase and look forward to how she responds to it. I hope she likes it only because I love the thought of my daughter knowing how to defend herself. :)
I couldn't go because I had to work but KG was kind enough to take the camera.

Mr. Tippets is the owner. Everyone at karate, including Flower, goes by their last name. She is now Miss Jensen. It's a respect thing. So cute! :)

At this age they are called Lil Dragons. Can you believe how adorable she looks in that gui?! I love it. KG will be teaching her which is also very cute. She will now be going twice a week which is a better value than gymnastics since she only went once a week. She was so excited to come home and show me what she learned. I just giggled at how cute she was. I LOVE gymnastics and was a gymnast for 6 years but somehow I find myself so much more excited about this and watching her learn. :)
Welcome to April!


Norma said...

My Grace who is turning 12 this month is in training for her black belt test in June.........she is putting in up to 3 hours a day. Grueling. It is beautiful to watch her.
Good luck Flower.

Camille said...

Oh my goodness, she looks dangerous already. I wouldn't mess with her.. :)

Let's kick it.

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