Friday, April 10, 2009

Packed to the brim

Thursday was packed to the brim but very fun. We all left the house at 8:30 am. We dropped KG at karate and then River and I took Flower to preschool. She and I then sat in the car and played for an hour before joining Flower inside for her preschool Easter party.
When we went in they were just finishing up their Easter bags. Then all the kids went to play Duck, Duck, Goose, hoping the Easter Bunny would arrive while they were gone.
Sure enough, when they came back a few minutes later, the bunny had come and gone and left them lots of treats. They had so much fun on their Easter Egg Hunt.
I had lots of help with River.

Flower's cute little boyfriend Tanner.
After the egg hunt they had snack.
Tina brought worms in dirt pudding.
Flower decided she wanted to read instead. :) She sat all by herself while everyone else ate snack. I hope she always loves to read.

Their last activity was decorating eggs.

River was pooped after all that fun.
Flower made an Eater egg and a bunny earlier in the week.
After preschool we went to hang out with Val, Ashton and Ellektra. She touched up my hair because we ran out of time the day before. I wanted the highlights to be blond but they went more copper so she added bleach to lift it a bit more. I like the results.

We made it home at 2:30 and both girls were asleep so I didn't bother going up stairs. We sat in the car outside of the clubhouse until they woke up which was just in time to go to work at 3:00.

Right after work we had some friends over to the clubhouse to play games, therefore we never went home. We knew Shannon and Becky from the student ward when KG and I met. They were KG's neighbors. Shannon's husband Ryan was also there. It was so fun to reconnect with them. Another friend James from our current ward showed up about 9:00.

Everyone brought pizza and their favorite Easter candy. Yum.
Shannon made these very pretty cookies.
Considering the girls were off their schedules and away from the house from 8:30 am to 11:30 pm, they did amazing! It was a wonderful day.

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