Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tamarack::Last day + Easter Dresses

I last wrote that Flower woke up in the middle of the night with a fever. I ended up sleeping up stairs with River and Flower slept with KG. He said she whimpered in her sleep all night. I woke up twice with River, although that's the norm lately. Fun times.
River and I were awake before them and enjoyed some quiet time.
I saw her touch her toes for the first time! I'll be sure to get some cuter photos since she's done it each time I've changed her diaper today.
She was very drawn to Flower's new jewelry and I love how it looked on her naked little body.
This evening KG helped me turn them into black and white and accentuate the beads. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THEM! The colors just pop.

This might be my favorite!
I was so entertained just watching her play.
I could see that her little mind was at work!

When they woke up Flower was fever free. Thank heavens. KG made us breakfast. We all pretty much chilled and relaxed all day. The other three napped periodically while I worked at getting everything packed. At 3:00 we finally decided to get going. I got the girls dressed in their Easter dresses because we scouted out a few spots to take their photos. After getting dolled up and everything packed we were out the door at 4:00.
I really like how all their photos turned out.

Again, their beautiful hair flowers are made by Jodi and she sent them for free! She totally rocks.

I also took some photos of a couple of buildings I like.

The ride home got crappy during the second half. I started getting car sick so I became very impatient with Flower's whining and refusal to help feed a crying River. Finally, just past Horseshoe Bend, we pulled over. KG fed River and then I drove the rest of the way. That helped with the dizziness. We stopped at Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner since Flower requested noodles for her birthday dinner.
We finally got home about 8.
We had such a great weekend. And even with the children there, it was a super romantic weekend for me. Just the setting and the was awesome. Thanks so much Lynnette and family!

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I have an apron in that exact fabric from the girls dresses. Love it! You take fabulous photos...lucky.

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