Friday, April 17, 2009

Tamarack Getaway!

Courtesy of my employer, we are enjoying a nice weekend getaway! I have been there for a year so they gave us a weekend at their vacation property in Tamarack. So generous.
Last night I made homemade cinnamon rolls. This morning, as River and KG slept, Flower and I watched cartoons enjoyed and the yummy rolls. We weren't too rushed to leave and just relaxed the morning away. We were finally on the road at noon. We stopped for lunch, gas and a car wash and were on our way.
We arrived around 2:30 and this place is beautiful! It has 3 bedrooms and three and half bathrooms. The kitchen is gorgeous. Since Tamarack is shut down there is pretty much no one in sight. The condo is right in the middle of a whole bunch of other unfinished condos so it's really quiet.

Our bathroom. That tub is heavenly.
Our bedroom.
Going up to Flower and River's room.
I was talking as I was going up and River could hear me and kept looking all over to find me.
When she finally saw me this is the face I got. Love her!
Flower's bed.
Flower's bathroom.
The view from the front balcony.
Those stairs lead to a fabulous hot tub off the back balcony. I predict some skinny dipping will be happening in the near future. Or as KG calls it, chunka dunkin' since, well, we are not skinny!
Basement bathroom.
Basement bedroom.
Shortly after we arrived Flower and I went for a walk. The weather was perfect!
Front of the condo.
View down the street.
She loves to throw rocks into water. I think it's my fault for encouraging it last summer every time we'd walk by the canal. I love it.

There are some really neat entry doors to some of these homes.
She and I love to see how big we can make our rocks splash. This little pond was perfect for it.

She was standing on a foot of snow.

This is a storm pipe. It was really long and metal. Flower and I were at opposite ends and yelling into it and laughing. You can barely see her there.
So I zoomed in and then she tried to evade the camera!

After we got back we had spaghetti for dinner and then KG and Flower took a dip in the jacuzzi.

Then the girls went to bed. Look how cute she is in that great big king size bed all alone. She loved it.
River has a nice little bed on the floor next to the bed.
There they are sharing a room. :)
Oh, and if any of the art were to sneak it's way into my bag, it would be these. I really like them!
Especially this one! Love it!
KG and I had a wonderful night together. I was so happy the girls fell asleep early! I can hardly wait to see what day two brings our way.

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Tyler and Carisa said...

That looks like soooo much fun!! And what a classy place to stay! I love being able to get away from it all for a couple days!

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