Monday, April 6, 2009

River's First Concert

Tonight we were invited to a mini concert, or more of a jam session. Kris and Jerry's son, Tyler, is in town from California and they wanted him to play with a guy in our ward, TL. TL used to be in a band but hasn't played drums in 9 years. It was so fun to see their talent! I'm so glad we were invited. Flower had a blast. River was shocked at first but just kind of chilled once we put tissue in her ears and then kept them covered.
Ty is on the left, TL is on the right.
TL is getting baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on Easter Sunday and we are so excited for him. He was a member many years ago and has recently decided to get re-baptized. He is such a kind and loving person!

His new bride is Theresa, on the right. They got married a few weeks ago.
Tyler also played with his friend Shane. That was truly amazing! They are both so talented.
Flower danced it up!

I love how relaxed she is! She just stared at them playing their instruments.
Cute Shirley is his new mother-in-law and she is in our new Relief Society presidency. She is a very neat lady.

It was a great family home evening! We stopped off at Pita Pit for dinner on our way home.

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Looks like lots of fun!

Let's kick it.

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