Monday, April 20, 2009

River is 5 months old!

Here are a few things that she has done in the last month:
...blows raspberries(or spits, however you want to look at it)
...goes off and on with making more noise and jabbering
...constantly plays with her tongue. I was so happy to capture that in a few of these photos. She is tongue tied which creates the split. I love how pointy hers is. Flower is also tongue tied but hers is very wide.

...she is now enjoying her excersauser
...she can now use the Jenny Jumper although it's not yet her favorite. I think because we don't have a great spot for it.
...her hair has grown a half an inch although you can't tell in the photos
...she can now pull on the toys of her play mat to make the sounds or vibrations all by herself
...she doesn't like blankets on her legs when she sleeps. If you cover her up she brings her legs to her chest and kicks them back down over and over until the blanket is off. She actually does that while she's still asleep.
...she must have a blanket by her face to rub in order to fall asleep
...she had become very fond of the binky

...she found her toes and now plays with them
...she left our room and is now sleeping in a crib, sharing a room with Flower
...we attempted rice cereal again yesterday, using a spoon, after a month hiatus because she hated it. She actually liked it and ate it all.
...she holds things better now and will pass them back and forth from each hand.
...she is definitely favoring her right hand. We shall see but I'm hoping the left will make a comeback! :)
...she has started showing her loyalty to mommy. Two or three times when someone was holding her she got fussy and squirmy and when she saw me she reached and lunged for me and would calm down as soon as I held her. That was a great mommy moment!

We are so grateful to have her in our family and love her more then words can express. She is such a happy baby, only fussing when we forget to feed and/or change her. :) She just smiles so easily and her smile is so contagious it melts my heart every time.


A-me said...

i LOVE her dimple! She's beyond adorable.

Jana said...

Little Miss Photogenic -- I'd love to squeeze those fat cheeks. She's precious, Ang!!

Gorge Us Family said...

What great photos! Happy 5 month birthday, River.

Norma said...

She is really changing..........lovely photos as usual

Megan Davenport Cannon said...

Oh my gravy, SO adodrable. Especially those last two . . . so cute!

Michelle Colt said...

What a doll!! That's all I can say! She looks so dang cute.

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