Friday, April 24, 2009

Preschool at the Zoo

Thursday we went to the zoo for preschool. Aside from also wanting her company, Kris came along to help me out with River so I could chase Flower around with the camera. I forgot the camera. Nice. I still really appreciated her being there to talk to and I still took photos with the phone camera. After she left, it was a bit harder to take pictures and keep the stroller from rolling away so she was a big help. :) We left shortly after so it was no big deal.
This was by far the most worth it trip I've taken to the zoo and the most fun. All the animals were out and Flower was so excited to see the giraffe, talking about it all the way to the zoo, that she squealed with delight when they left their cage to roam. We LOVE the new section.

Little birdies in a nest.

Flower was terrified of these elephants.
It took her every ounce of courage to touch the trunk!

This lion gave us quite the show. As we were standing there enjoying his beauty, right after I snapped this photo, he jumped up, roared and swatted the glass. We all jumped back and gasped.
He continued to do this over and over. At one point he was on his hind legs and both front paws beating against the glass. It was so cool.

Unfortunately with a phone camera I couldn't catch any of the action and then he decided he was done with us and walked away. It was awesome.

The tigers were gorgeous!

This is the most I've ever seen the tortoise So cute.

How appropriate.
Can you see how swollen under her eyes are. Poor thing. She woke up with a cold. By the time we got home she put herself to bed and then woke with a fever. River just chilled the whole time.
Flower loves the penguins.
Every time(I think she's been three times) we go to the zoo she begs to ride the carousel and it's always closed. I was thrilled to see it open after we came out of the penguin exhibit.
She new right away that she wanted to ride the giraffe and even though she was the last child in, it was still available and it made her day!

It was the perfect way to end our visit.
Unfortunately we had some drama when I loaded them into the car. Somehow they got locked in, even though I did my normal routine when loading them in. I felt terrible and worried for their safety. I first called the police to see what I should do. They were very wise and said that with the temp being 55 degrees and the that fact that I was parked in the sun(with it beating down on River)I had about 15 minutes until they started to sweat and about 20 minutes before they went into distress. That gave me time to find someone rather then have the police break the window. I called a lock smith that comes for free if it's children locked in a car. They were at least 20 minutes out. :( I decided to call and wake KG. That's when my wall of calm came down and I started to cry because Flower was screaming and I felt terrible. She can unlock the doors but she got in and put her own belt on, but can't undo it so she was stuck. He made it right at the 20 minutes. True to the dispatch claims, River started sweating right at 15 minutes and by 18 minutes her cheeks were turning red and she started to scream and was trying so hard to get out of her seat. It was so sad. I was thrilled to see him pull up. I took her out right away, took her jacket off and held her in the wind. Her little head was so hot. I felt terrible. But injury was averted and we went on to enjoy our day. We went to Pie Hole for lunch and Flower got ice cream at Coldstone.
By about 2:00 pm, Flower had a fever, River was fussy(I think she is getting constipated from the cereal), and had KG came home from work sick that morning. Lovely bunch we are. I have been dealing with respiratory issues since last Wednesday so I have been feeling the best either, although I feel the worst from 9:00 pm to 9:00 am which is so strange.
That night I was able to get out of the house a bit, leaving them all asleep in bed, to go to our Stake Enrichment Dinner and program with Kris. I'm glad I went. I enjoyed the company of several woman and was very entertained by the program.
Today we are all feeling much better and I'm looking forward to Flower's birthday dinner with the Sturgill's tonight. :)


Amanda said...

We have always enjoyed going to the zoo, but isn't that new part awesome. It's so fun! Glad everything turned out ok with them being locked in the car. That is scarey! Hope Flower is feeling better soon!

Natalie said...

i got teary-eyed when i read about being locked in the car!!! i am so sorry that happened to you and your poor girls! there is nothing worse then seeing your child in pain, or hurt or sad and you cant do one thing to help glad your wonderful hubby was able to get there so fast!
and i am shocked to hear that you had fun at the boise zoo (i assume that is where you went) because we always made fun of the zoo when we lived in boise cuz it was so lame. it must be better now.:)

Rani and Will said...

So what time of day do you go that all the animals are out roaming about and not sleeping... I swear every time without fail, they are always hiding or asleep.

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