Thursday, April 30, 2009

River's blankets+quilts

Lots of people have made blankets and quilts for River. With the love I have for such things I couldn't be happier. I appreciate them so much because I have crocheted and sewed blankets and I am in the process of making a quilt. I know how much time, hard work and love goes into them.
KG's mom made this one. I love the soft pastel colors. It's really beautiful.
River loves to put her fingers through the holes. I took this photo at Christmas! Can you believe how much she has thinned out since then? Check out those cheeks. Her face sure has taken on a whole new shape. I already miss that squishyness so much!

Debbie made this one! The ruffle around the edge is so sweet. It seems very vintage to me. Maybe because it reminds me of a blanket I had when I was young. I especially like the cute little ducks.
Brenda made this one and well, can't beat the tye-dye! She knows us well.
Rhonda made this one. Precious Moments is so sweet and I love the colors!
My Aunt Peggy quilted this one. I told her I wanted oranges and pinks and boy did she deliver! I'm also a fan of simple quilts with straight lines so I really liked this pattern! Everything about it is beautiful! It's the one we keep in River's crib. My aunt is an amazing quilter. She is by far the best I've ever seen and I am so grateful for the quilts I have received over the years and that she is still willing to make them for my children.
My mom crocheted around this one and the next one. My aunt Peggy sews them together and and then hem stitches around the edges so she can crochet them. It's a joint effort they've had for years!
I chose the fabric for these blankets the second year KG and I were married and mom's hung on to them all these years! I just love them, especially the jumping children above.KG's grandma Hunter just brought this one last week. It's so soft! I have to admit I've been cuddled in it more then River. :) It's huge and soft. The Precious Moments people are so cute.Thanks so much everyone! Each one is so special to us.


sara :) said...

My mom actually made the duck one.

ang :o) said...

I'm an idiot. Thanks for letting me know. I just realized I didn't upload the photo of Rhonda's. So i wrote "Rhonda made this one" and intended it to be hers. But forgot to upload hers and wrote the description of the duck one after her name. When I read back through it, it all made sense and I sent! :) It's corrected now! :)

Audie said...

I LOVE the orange and pink one!! So cute! I want to be talented and crafty and make quilts.

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