Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Gettin' Dyed

Today is the beginning of several days in a row of never ending fun! Today we dyed our hair and our eggs!

First thing this morning we went to see Val. My sister met us there and took the kids with her to run some errands. KG and I each got a color and cut.
From the angles it looks like I took these photos myself but no, KG took them.

After we were done we met Sandee at her house and then KG took her car home so he could go to bed and us girls went to lunch.

This afternoon I took River to work with me and KG took Flower to karate. She is loving it.

When we were all finally home together, after work and karate, the fun began.
Let's dye some Easter Eggs!
First we must boil the eggs.
What better thing to have for dinner when you're dying eggs then egg salad sandwiches?! They were yummy.

And now the colorful part.

Do they not look peeled? So shiny. The shells really were still on. :)
This is my favorite photo of the night. Pretty, pretty colors and lovely white eggs all lined up neat.
We had pink, red, green, purple, orange, and blue.

Hey, where's my kiss?

It just wasn't fair that she couldn't participate and she gave us a good yell to make sure we knew.
My favorite, turquoise and orange.

It's a rule that you have to have Robin Eggs to munch on and color your lips!

All of our lovely eggs in a carton. KG's are the ones on top, mine in the middle and Flower's on the bottom.
After completing the eggs I loaded 12 plastic eggs with Jelly Beans in preparation for preschool tomorrow. Oh so pretty.
We had a great time and an excellent day.

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I've never heard of using Kool-Aid before! Very clever.

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