Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tamarack::Day 2

Today started way too early for KG as neither of the girls slept well but I seem to have slept right through it! This morning Flower came down about 7:00 and woke KG. He told her Happy Birthday and so she ran over to me and kept saying, "mommy, tell me happy birthday" but I slept right through that too and didn't wake till 8:30 and that was still wayyy to early.
We wanted her birthday to last all day so first thing, we ate Birthday cake for breakfast. We kept a petal of the cake Nat made last week and that worked out perfect. We also sang happy birthday in our awful, groggy voices.

After that we let her open one gift. It was a necklace + bracelet set she'd seen at Walmart.

Doesn't it look like candy? Yum.
We then put her in the bath while KG and I got back in bed, River between us, and watched Lakeview Terrace. Man that guy was creepy! I also fell back to sleep till after 11:00.
About 12:30 we decided a walk outside was in order. We let her open up two more presents before we left. A cute pair of red shoes.

And this one she'd need for the walk.

Her camera. We decided to put it away after the first day and let her open it here and start taking photos on her actual birthday.

And we're off. I finally got a photo of the girls in the jogger. This is a purchase I am thrilled we made. Money well spent. I have already used it several times and love it!
And don't they look cute?
They both just chill and enjoy the ride every time.
We took a walk to the house my employer also owns. It's very pretty.

Then we did photo shoot. They are each wearing new dresses. The Klein's gave Flower the dress for her birthday and River's was a baby shower gift.

The next two photos completely melt my heart. They are both so beautiful.

On the way back River pulled the headband over her eyes and went to sleep.

My friend Jodi made the beautiful headband Flower is wearing. I bought a bib from her and not only did she give me a 'cool friend' discount, but when the package arrived, there was this headband, two sets of her flower pins and two cloth wipes. She's the best. Check out her site because she is truly one of the most talented friends I have!
Another friend, Stacey, just started making the cute headbands River is wearing. She so kindly gave us this and two ponytail holders! She seems to be adding more and more cute things all the time. She can also make them to match clothing which is awesome! Check out her site.
After we came home we had lunch and naps. I should say they napped and I wallowed in the peace that I feel when I'm the only one awake in the house. I love knowing that those I love are peacefully asleep, safe under the same roof as I, in their calmest state. Sometimes I shift between them, watching them all sleep and thinking how lucky I am. And how cute they are asleep. They have no idea. Love it and them.
After Flower woke up I whisked her away on a jaunt to McCall, just the two of us. We went in search of ice cream for our evening treat. We rocked out to our favorite music. Music daddy isn't as fond of. He calls it hoochy music. I call it pop. It's my fun, happy music.
She was in heaven with the fact that they had mini carts. 'Shoppers in training' they call them.
I should have taken the photo in the food section instead of in front of those dorky shoes but oh well. She was large and in charge and I enjoyed the whole thing. We got a few items we forgot to bring that were needed for her birthday dinner and some snacks and ice cream. We had a nice time together. It took us twice as long to get home because we were following a guy that thought it was acceptable to go the speed limit. The nerve. But hey...that meant more hoochy music! :)
When we got home KG made dinner and then Flower opened her last two gifts.
She got a purple pair of shoes like the red ones. They are normally $24. I got them for $9.99 so I bought three, red, purple and brown plus I got free shipping! She has absolutely loved the brown ones I bought last year so I knew they'd be a good buy. Unfortunately this girls feet are teensy. I bought 7/8's and she still wears 5/6 but I want them to last. I stuck tissue in the toes so she could wear the red ones to McCall.

We also gave her a kit that has lip gloss, nail polish, face glitter and fingernail stickers that we used as earings. It also came with goddy eyelashes which we put on for two seconds to be funny and then tossed in the trash. She hated every second of it. :)

Wonderful day.


Lynnette said...

So glad you guys are having a gret time!

Andy said...

Crap with those eyelashes on it gave me a glimpse into her future. KG get stretched out you will have to fight off the boys!!!

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