Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I'm so glad it's Tuesday!

I've had a crappy few days. If you don't want to hear about PMS, you can avert your eyes now and go read something fluffy, but that's what I'm attributing it too. Here is what I felt Saturday, Sunday and Monday...it's an interesting and strange list.
...Major pain in my legs--you know when you're sitting cross-legged and your legs start to hurt so you change positions. That is the kind of hurt I felt for three days straight no matter what position I was in.
...Low grade fever.
...Skin hurt like I had the flu.
...Lower back and hips ache.
...So, so tired.
...Hot flashes.
...Stomach pains--more stabbing then cramps.
...Teeth hurt really bad.
...It felt like I had sand in my right eye.
...Both my middle fingers hurt right by my nails like I had an infection.
...Ribs felt like they were out of place.
Yes, totally weird and random set of symptoms. Why am I attributing it to PMS? Because KG pointed out that some of this occurred exactly a month ago, and as I thought about it, most of it did. I also started my period during this time. These symptoms lasted two to three days. Then I woke up today and feel totally fine! After the severity I was feeling some of those things, and then they just disappear after two or three days? It's the only thing that makes sense to me. I am keeping a list because if it occurs at this time of the month next month, it's time to see a doc. I have been totally miserable and useless for three days, spending most of the weekend in bed, only leaving the house for quilt class on Saturday morning, because I'm already behind and didn't want to become more behind, work yesterday although I had to take an hour brake, and last night for the jam session because that opportunity may not come around again. But holy cow, I was sweaty the whole time and my migraine was not helped! It was worth it though! In the past when I've had weird PMS symptoms it's been attributed to my thyroid so I'm really hoping that's not the case because other wise it means it was only stable for two months. I guess we'll see.

So I'll say it again...I'M THRILLED IT'S TUESDAY because Tuesday brought with it no pain! And then this afternoon KG and the girls are coming to hang out with me at the clubhouse while I work which I love.
It also brought with it the delivery of my new sandals! It's officially spring for me. My ankles have been waiting for this day. I forgot how much good these sandals did for them last summer. I had to buy a new pair because dang the ones from last summer smelled bad. I put them on last week and could smell them from under the desk. Gross. I tried so many things last summer to get rid of the smell and it just didn't work. I'm not sure if it's the material or what but maybe I should write the company. Maybe they have a tip? But I love my new ones. I got two because they were $20 cheaper then last year's pair and I got free shipping. Holla!

It brought with it motivation to clean! Things are looking good around these parts. I've been cleaning all morning and afternoon!

The latter half of this week is going to be super busy and fun filled with things planned everyday/evening so bring it on I say, bring it on.


Tyler and Carisa said...

I've totally been having those same symptoms and pains - so i feel ya!!! The only real cure for situations like that is really finding a good deal on something.... anything really - just knowing you made a huge find somehow makes all the other crap from the day fade to the background! =D

Callie said...

Cute flips!!! Glad your feeling better!

Jana said...

cute sandals!! I so need a pedicure -- I can't imagine putting sandals on my feet, as is. Ugghhh!

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