Thursday, April 16, 2009

Lunch at the elementary school and losing a tooth

Wednesday we joined my sister in having lunch with her kids at school. We had a good time and the kids loved having us there and showing off their nieces. After that Sandee took Flower for the afternoon.
Spencer is in the middle with his two best friends.
Their school is so cool. It is so diverse! This wall has the names of countries of all their students! In case you can't read each one, they have students from China, Turkey, Tanzania, Somalia, Iraq...
...Samoa, Russia, Czech Republic, Bosina, Brazil, Mexico, Nepal and the USA.
So cool! I loved sitting in the cafeteria and seeing all the diversity.

Last week my sister and the kids stopped by the office. Kas had a very lose tooth so Sandee pulled it right then and there. Gross. :)

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La belle mère said...

HOLY COW!! I can't believe what an international school that is -- what a lucky kid to grow up in a context where that is normal. Boise is certainly becoming less Wonder Bread. I'm glad to see it. :-)

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