Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tianna came to play today

Flower finally had a friend over to play in her new room. I took cookies over to Tianna's family and took her as a trade. :) She has a 2 year old sister and a brand new 3 week old brother so I thought I'd give the new mom a break. We picked Tianna up at 11:00 and both she and Flower were SO excited. Tamarah said Tianna didn't even want to go to bed last night she was so excited. After we picked her up we met my sister at Sizzler. I haven't been there since I was a kid. It's nothing special. My sister had a gift card to use up so she bought me lunch. :) The girl's were free. When we got home they played and played and played. First they got dressed up like princess and remained that way for the rest of the day. Then they played kitchen, Candyland, then with her dollhouse, and then read books and played on Flower's bed. I was so shocked and impressed at how well they got along. Flower only tattled twice, Tianna once. They NEVER fought! Amazing. Especially since she was here until 4:30. KG to her home on their way to karate. More on that to come! We will definitely have her over again. Oh and since Tianna was talking about her baby brother Flower shared that she was getting a big brother too and his name is Xian. :) I thought that was cute but wishful thinking little chika.

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