Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mom...Are I'm 4?

Yes Flower, you are 4. "Yay!, River did you hear that? I am 4!" I have heard this several times today. Happy birthday to my best 4 year old girl.

Over the past year she's continued gymnastics until this month, when she switched to karate. She started preschool. She is smart and outgoing...she loves people and has some very favorite people in her life...she loves her friends and cousins...steals the show wherever she goes...became a big sister...shares a room with her sister...has her first boyfriend...graduated from nursery and is now in Sunbeams at amazing at memorizing songs...has grown two independent and compassionate...traveled along the Oregon Coast as well as Portland and Eugene in the VW Bus...went to Lagoon for the first time...saw her foster mom from China. She's had a full year and grown in so many ways. These are just a few reasons we love this girl and are grateful she's a part of our family.


Amanda said...

Happy Birthday Flower! Cute pictures! I love them!

Sandee said...

Happy Birthday Flower, you are so cute! I love the dress.

Norma said...

Happy Birthday are awesome!!!!

Lynnette said...

Happy Birthday Flower! Ang, I love the door shots!

Kaylynn said...

She is gorgeous. Really. Gorgeous.

Let's kick it.

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