Saturday, April 11, 2009

River likes Uncle Monkey

Friday didn't disappoint in the fun department.
Flower got to spend the night at Grandma's with Erina. Uncle Erik picked her up while I was at work. I was told part of the evening would include dying eggs. I'm sure they did lots of fun things. I haven't talked to her today so I'm assuming she's having a grand time.
After I got off work KG, River and I went to the Goodsell's for a game night. More pizza and candy was consumed. River was loving Uncle Monkey. She spent a lot of time chilling with him in the rocking chair.

Sara was being a show off with all her rad break dancing moves. :)
The guest list included Sara and Darin and their kids, Jay and Callie and their kids, Rhonda and Eric and their kids and of course the Goodsell's.
We had a good time.

**Room Sharing update**
It's going awesome. Flower doesn't like waking up in the morning to find River anywhere else. There have been a couple of nights River has woken up so I bring her in bed with me to feed her, because I do miss her a bit, and we both just fall asleep that way. There was one night last week that we layed next to each other talking and me laughing at 2:00 am for over an hour. I sure enjoy this little babe of mine.
However, I think they are both sleeping better, the room stays cleaner and Flower plays in there more so all goals have been met and we are very pleased!

I hope your Easter celebrations are just dandy!


sara :) said...

breakdance moves?!? Try the moves of a desperate woman trying to get away from the gropings of her husband! :)

Callie said...

Thanks for the invite on the game night, we had a good time. Not a good picture of me by the way. We'll have you over to our house next time! :)

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